Superstar Developer with Decades of Brilliant Innovation



An Artful Investment

Many owners of Bill Parks’ projects hold their artful investments for decades. In your Lee Street Lofts home benefit from the developer’s perfected understanding of materials and techniques.


An Urban Community for the Worldly-Wise

With an ethos and aesthetic honed by 10 formative years growing up on a houseboat, Bill Parks programs opportunities to build community into each development, including Lee Street Lofts, inviting residents to pass, mingle or gather, to the degree they wish, in shared courtyards and driveways. At the same time, acoustically engineered protective firewalls, each comprising two layers of dense glass and three separate air pockets, protect your privacy and grant you peace.


Lee Street Lofts, 2019

Ballard Lofts, 2015

Barton Street Lofts, 2010

Stonewater, 1998

Boulders, 2004

Fremont Lofts, 2001




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